Onyeka Casmir

Frontend Web Developer, Vue JS Dev, Nuxt Dev, WordPress Dev
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Three (3) Years Experience

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Onyeka Casmir, a passionate Frontend Web Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. With expertise in Vue/Nuxt stack, and a range of other cutting-edge technologies, I specialize in building dynamic and responsive web applications that leave a lasting impression while solving real life problems, utilizing SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions to streamline business processes and enhance productivity.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and get in touch to discuss how I can participate in bringing your next web project to life.

Hard Skills

  • - Markup and Styling
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • - Build Tools
  • Vite
  • Webpack
  • - Programming Languages
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • - Testing
  • Vue Test Utils
  • Vitest
  • Jest
  • - Version Control
  • Git & GitHub
  • - Application Programming Interface
  • Axios
  • - Content Management
  • WordPress
  • - Frontend Frameworks
  • Vue JS
  • Nuxt
  • Vuetify
  • Pinia
  • - Backend Integration
  • Firebase
  • - Other Tools
  • Postman
  • Vueuse/Motion
  • VeeValidate/Yup
  • Chart JS
  • Chat GPT
  • Docker
  • etc...
  • - Principles / Methodologies
  • Agile
  • Scrum

Soft Skills

  • Proper and Detailed Communication
  • Teamwork Contributions
  • Analytical and Creative Problem-solving
  • Adaptablility to new technologies
  • Time Management Efficiency
  • Ability to maintain old codebase
  • Passion for Continous Learning
  • Effective Collaboration (Linear, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, etc...)

Degree & Certifications

  • Certificate of Completion, JavaScript Essentials (2024) - Cisco Networking Academy.
  • Certificate of Vue JS completion (2023) - Mind Luster.
  • Diploma in Fullstack Web Development (2022) - Bitxbase Computer Education, Lagos.
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering (2020) - Eagle Institute of Information Technology, Lagos.
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (2015-2020) - Imo State University, Owerri.
  • Certificate of Participation, Emerging Leaders Conference (2019) - Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI).
  • Certificate of Completion, IT Essentials (2014) - Cisco Networking Academy.
  • Certification in Computer Operations (2011) - Eagle Institute of Information Technology, Lagos.

My Resume

Working Experience


Frontend Engineer

Fitxn, NG

Fitxn is a Startup Business to Business (B2B) software, designed to help the gym maintain records, keep track of client activities, and also create a workout-friendly environment among employees and gym members.
Key Achievements

Successfully delivered the Fitxn landing page using Nuxt 3, Tailwind, and TypeScript, meeting design specifications and enhancing the product's visual appeal and overall user experience.

Played a pivotal role in implementing user authentication on the dashboard, enhancing the platform's security features.

Collaborated on the development of an intuitive and interactive dashboard UI on the admin and employees side using Vue 3, Tailwind, Pinia, TypeScipt, Chart JS, Axios, etc…

Communicated effectively with the backend team (PHP/Laravel), establishing connections to RESTful API endpoints to facilitate data exchange and ensure the system's robust functionality.

Contributed to maintaining Fitxn's commitment to streamlined team and member management, providing a comprehensive solution for record-keeping, client activity tracking, and fostering a workout-friendly environment.

FEB 2023 - AUG 2023

Frontend Engineer

Butler Africa, Abuja, NG

Butler Africa is a Business to Person (B2P) web application offering laundry, meal ordering, and cleaning services to Abuja residents.
Key Achievements

Successfully spearheaded the creation of the administrative dashboard (components, charts, tables, and pages/routes) using Vue 3, Tailwind, and TypeScript, streamlining order processing and financial tracking for improved operational efficiency.

Implemented intuitive components and interfaces, contributing to a user-friendly experience for both admins and clients.

Developed a financial account feature, enhancing transparency and providing valuable insights into revenue streams for different clients.

Communicated effectively with the backend team (Node JS), establishing connections to RESTful API endpoints to facilitate data exchange and ensure the system's robust functionality.

OCT 2022 - DEC 2022

Frontend Web Developer (Volunteer)

Kompletecare, Abuja, NG

KompleteCare is a digital health (telemedicine) marketplace that provides its users an easy and fast access to quality healthcare right from the comfort of their home or office – online doctor consultation, booking hospital appointments, free drug prescription and online laboratories.
Key Achievements

Assisted senior developers in building components while creating room for passing data through props and emits using Nuxt 3 and Bootstrap.

Contributed solid ideas to the quality assurance aspect of the laboratory section

MAY 2021 - MAY 2022

Web Developer (Intern)

Bitxbase Technology, Lagos, NG

Bitxbase Technology is one of the leading tech hub in Lagos that specializes in building softwares for companies based on their requirements.
Key Achievements

Participated in the initial wave of developers learning and implementing the Vue.JS library.

Worked with design, product, and back-end teams to create 4 web app softwares which includes a Warehouse Management System and an eCommerce for a perfume store among others.

Rewrote HTML to meet industry and company standards for SEO and Accessibility. This drove a 600% increase in users by appearing on the first page of Google search results.

Mentored 4 new intern front-end developers on team in expanding JavaScript, Vue, and WordPress skillset.

JAN 2021 - JUNE 2021

Web Developer


Key Achievements

Developed client websites with various stacks including WordPress.

Built portfolio website for businessess and also provided SAAS solutions.

JAN 2021 - APRIL 2021

Coding Club Facilitator

Golden Foundation School, Lagos, NG

Key Achievements

I taught the students how to make simple landing page(s) with HTML, CSS, & JS and also exposed them to critical thinking and tech careers.

2017 - 2022 (Onsite)

Intern Medical Laboratory Scientist (part time)

Everight Diagnostics (Center for Molecular Science & Genetic Studies), Lagos, NG

Hands-on experience with modern laboratory equipment and procedures equipped me with skills in specimen analysis, quality control, and data interpretation


Some of my Participated Projects

A telemedicine app with online doctor consultation, hospital appointments, drug prescription & online laboratories.

Stack: Nuxt.js, Bootstrap, Pinia, Laravel




Fitxn tracks records, client activities, & create a workout-friendly environment among employees and gym members.

Stack: Nuxt, Vue, Tailwind, Pinia, Laravel.


Fitxn Gym Manager


Vue JS CBT is a SAAS App that helps users practice and prepare for Vue JS tests, exams and interviews.

Stack: Vue.js, SCSS, Pinia.


Vue JS CBT App


Butler offers laundry, meal ordering, and cleaning services to Abuja residents.

Stack: Vue.js, Tailwind, TypeScipt, Pinia, Node.js.


Butler Africa


Big Tiger Solar is a renowed business brand that deals sales and installation of solar equipments.

Stack: Nuxt, Tailwind, Vuetify, TypeScipt.


Company Website


Participated in a 4days getLinked hackathon

Stack: Vue.js, Bootstrap, SCSS.


getLinked Hackathon


Gene AI is a SAAS project that assists genetic experts in research using Artificial Intelligence.

Stack: HTML, Bootstrap, Python (Django).


Gene AI


An online fashion hub that enables users make order and purchase wears, staying updated with latest fashion trends.

Stack: WordPress.


Agency eCommerce